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Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries.

Of course we see lots of other problems as well from knee, hip and ankle problems through to jaw pain, arthritis and chronic pain.

On average 20 patients a day come into our clinic with these problems. So with 40+ years of treating, that's a lot of experience!

That really helps when treating your pain, but it's not the whole story. Because even though we've seen thousands of patients, your problem will never be the same as someone else's and will be unique to you.

How Do We Treat You?

You may think that we just manipulate to crunch the joints but different people need different types of treatment, some like strong treatment others really dislike that so we always vary this to make it individual to your needs. You may feel that you would benefit from a stronger style of treatment. We can also use what we call a medium treatment. A lot of patients like this style as it's not overly strong but it is more robust than the very gentle treatment like “cranial” or “cranial sacral therapy.”

However some patient's really need gentle treatment especially in the acute phase, as any stronger treatment is seen by their bodies as a threat. Also for many patients this gentle treatment can also be a good way to start a treatment before moving on to other stronger styles of treatment.

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